KayelaJ, a 24-year-old female lyricist and radio personality, was born and raised in Northeast Portland, Oregon. At age seven KayelaJ became inspired to become a rap artist after witnessing a snippet of Lauryn Hill’s Doo-Wop (That Thing) music video. She then honed her skills by utilizing the recording studio at Self Enhancement Incorporated, a summer school and after school program for underprivileged youth. In her earlier days she performed at talent shows and small local performances around Portland, OR. In 2013 KayelaJ decided to take a hiatus from music and instead focus on school. KayelaJ is now again pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a rap artist. Her first contribution to the Portland Hip Hop scene was her 3 singles “Kayela to the MF J,"  “Check X3,” and “Heat Gentlemens Club.” Next was mixtape titles "Homage" which featured 25 tracks, verses, each paying tribute to black female rappers whom opened doors for her.



With just this small amount of content, in just one year, KayelaJ has been featured numerously in Portland newspaper publications Willamette Week and Portland Mercury, magazines Vortex Magazine and Eleven PDX, has performed at almost every Portland venue that would allow Hip Hop artists, and lastly has performed live on KGW News twice. Furthermore, before even dropping her album, D.Y.K.E (Don't Yield, Keep Enduring), she was ranked number 2 on Willamette Week's Best New Bands poll. She was the second Hip Hop artist after Portland phenomenon Amine and the first Hip Hop woman to ever do so. Her latest contribution is her album D.Y.K.E which is an autobiography and an emotional roller-coaster which starts in KayelaJ's deep depression, transitions into her rage, and ends in love (including her self-love and love for others). Her album release party was an amazing visual experience held at Kelly's Olympian which OVER sold out. 


Her favorite artist include artist Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Missy Elliot, Janelle Monae and Chance the Rapper. Within her music she enjoys incorporating poetic lines, harmonizing melodies, and using high and low tones all of which livens her delivery for listeners. Her musical content sometimes consist of topics surrounding the black community and the LGBTQ community. She also enjoys making fun, empowering music and incorporating different hip hop styles and different genres within her music. Although she labels herself a Hip Hop artist, her music, her rapping, and her creativity has no limits and she refuses to put herself into a single box or category. KayelaJ is entirely independent and has accomplish all of these things based off her love for music and pure determination.